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The intombi group Mubuga spreads over the parish Mubuga in the west of Rwanda. It is about 18 kilometers away from the Kivu Lake town of Kibuye. Like many regions in Rwanda, Mubuga is also heavily affected by poverty. Girls especially face great challenges: Some girls live in child families on their own, some are teenage mothers while others experienced violence and abuse.

Already around 430 girls from Mubuga are scholarship holders in our goat project. They get a female goat. In preparation for the “new roommate”, the girls participate in a workshop led by a local veterinarian. There, they learn everything essential for keeping and feeding the goats. In the further stage of the project, girls will always have a contact person for questions.

There are regular intombi volunteers and members in Mubuga. Meetings and evaluations of the goat project, but also blogger sessions and exchanges with the intombi-girls in Rwanda are always part of the program. In 2019, further Goat scholarships will be awarded to another 270 girls.

Have a look at the blog: Under “Rwanda“ you can find some articels from the girls of the intombi group Mubuga and our intombi-volunteers.
Here you can also award a Goat Scholarship:


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