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Wir freuen uns, dass du hier bist! Auf unserem #girlsforgirls-Blog bekommst du einen Einblick in die Lebenswelt von Mädchen weltweit. Inspiration, Erfahrungen, Tipps und Tricks – all das findest du hier. Du kannst nach den Themen suchen, die dich interessieren. Über deine Kommentare unter den Beiträgen freuen wir uns.

My first career wish

. . Later, I’m going to… Every child has this one dream about the future profession. The ideas can change over the years, but this first career wish will never be forgotten. What was it with you? My dream was to become a vet. I grew up on a farm and learned how to handle … Continued


The dream of a driving license

. Hi, this is Madi! 🙂 My future dreams are to get my driver’s license and have my own car. I have this goal because I am tired of coming late on so many days because the bus or the train is late. I achieve my whish by sticking to it an practicing a lot. … Continued


A love letter to my voluntary work

. . My dear voluntary work, first and foremost, I’m grateful. Grateful for the trust you placed in me, trying me out, getting to know my strengths and, above all, making me brave. It all started automatically when I gave group lessons in my parish during school time and joined the Catholic rural youth movement … Continued


When love stands in the way of your future

. . Who doesn’t know? I am sure that the majority of girls have had stress, quarrels with friends or jealousy before. I know that too. Today, I would like to tell you how I deal with lovesickness. Love sorrow, I’ve already hat it and I wasn’t feeling well. Fortunately, I had friends in my … Continued


My internship semester at the youth welfare office

Hi, I’m Theresa, 23 years old and study social work at the Catholic University in Cologne. After a 20-day internship in the 2nd semester, thee semesters later followed an 80-day internship semester, which I did at the youth welfare office of the city Neuss in the field of youth development and youth welfare in criminal … Continued


My holiday job – 4 advantages

Hi, this is Johanna, today I tell you how I used the time in my last holidays sensibly and which advantages I had thereby. Advantage 1: Something for the resume and you earn money A holiday job is not only a good way to supplement your pocket money, it also gives you the opportunity to … Continued


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