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With our #girlsforgirls blog girls learn from each other and support each other, especially at the transition from school to work.

The blog is created especially by girls from Cologne while our groups of girls in Rwanda and South Africa also contribute content regularly. Furthermore, all girls are invited to submit blog posts and join! For our girls’ groups in the different countries, beyond the blog, we provide locally developed projects by local groups that give girls direct support for a successful start into the future.


Dream job Social Media Expert or Influencer?

With over 70,000 followers, Ann-Katrin Schmitz aka @himbeersahnetorte, definitely can be considered as influencer – but she didn’t really want to become one. Today, she uses her reach to share her knowledge. In the intombi interview she answers questions about her profession and her mission addressed by the intombi girls. Have you always planned to … Continued


I bring girls to the power


Star Photographer André Josselin did it!

. “André Josselin” is a pseudonym for a young Photographer, who has 150 thousand followers on Instagram. The intombi-gang interviewed “André Josselin just for you and asked him how it is to be a Photographer, who works with celebrities like Stefanie Giesinger or Manuel Neuer. How long do you already work as a Photographer and … Continued


School stress! How you can strike an appropriate balance

  • #Florist

A colorful career as a florist

Hi, I’m Samira! I am 21 years old and in training to become a florist. I’m learning in Cologne at Goldregen floraldesign in the Belgium district. This job is characterized by its creativity and its craftmanship. That means you’re making a workpiece with your hands. Coolest part of this? There are no creative boundaries! You … Continued


Study rescue engineering – not only for boys!

.. Hi, this is Jessica! When I am asked about my study and I tell them that I am studying rescue engineering at the TH Köln, I am always asked the same question: “What is that? I’ve never heard about it. What can you do with it?” To be honest, that’s never a simple … Continued


Stay in your hometown after school or move to an unknown city?

Hello, this is Lea, after school you have to make some decisions. This may be very unsettling and perhaps also frightening for one or the other. No wonder, because so far, our parents have (co)decided basic things for us. For example, which school we attend or where we live. But what do you want? Do … Continued


Laura was born to be an architect


GROWTH: Growing beyong yourself

Hello dear ones, it’s me – Diana! Today, development is the order of the day. Platforms such as Instagram or Youtube are constantly changing and are in a constant state of flux. And there are also other products with newer and better software in the market that promise us to make our lives even more … Continued