Girls for girls

With our #girlsforgirls blog girls learn from each other and support each other, especially at the transition from school to work.

The blog is created especially by girls from Cologne while our groups of girls in Rwanda and South Africa also contribute content regularly. Furthermore, all girls are invited to submit blog posts and join! For our girls’ groups in the different countries, beyond the blog, we provide locally developed projects by local groups that give girls direct support for a successful start into the future.

Current articles

Stop catcalls and sexual harassment – Let’s be loud together against sexism!


#girlsgetequal – Together against digital violence and for equal rights for girls worldwide


Becoming a Poetry Slam Artist -Luisa’s Passion Full of Creativity


This is how we can support art and culture together with actress Stephanie Lexer


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Donate now

Donate now for girls in Germany, Rwanda and South Africa. With this you make a valuable contribution and give girls a chance for a better future. Donations of any amount are good. With your support our work becomes possible. Donate now!

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intombi was founded in 2009 by friends. Our long-standing cooperation with our local partners has both professional and friendly basis. For us friendship stands for a lasting and valuable relationship. Become part of the intombi circle of friends!

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