intombi groups: time for you!

intombi is about doing good for yourself and for others! True to the motto “girls for girls” through our groups in Germany, Rwanda and South Africa, girls receive help based on individual, co-developed projects. They get support for a successful start into the future. You can also join in!

intombi groups: time for you!

intombi group Kirenge

The intombi group has been in Kirenge, Rwanda since 2015. intombi volunteers first set up the project “carrots make it possible” at the La Salle school. Out of this project an intombi group has emerged, which in the long term will be dedicated to the topics of nutrition and cultivation of vegetable.

The girls and young women have created a shared vegetable garden and are constantly expanding their knowledge of nutrition. Although the heavy rain in Rwanda damaged the crops in 2018, the girls were able to harvest carrots, cabbage and zucchini. The result is more than “just vegetables”, it brings self-confidence, hope and motivation for more.

We are very glad that this group is run by Florence, a young teacher from Kirenge, as a local intombi volunteer. Through her the work and the harvest are distributed fairly.

Here you can support the girls group in Kirenge:

intombi group Kirenge

intombi group Startplatz

The intombi group in the Startplatz meets regularly in the Mediapark in Cologne. One of the group’s blogger sessions is talking about topics interesting for the young women and what they would like to share with others. Previously collected experiences are reported in blog posts so that others can benefit. The group also repeatedly advocates giving girls a voice. For example, it participated in the activity #siesagt, which intombi has been running together with other groups of girls in the center of Cologne in 2019. We want to break prejudices and pay attention to the challenges girls face.

The intombi group „Startplatz“ meets every fourth Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Startplatz (Mediapark 5, 50670 Cologne). The specific dates are agreed by the group. You want to join? Then please contact us:

Contact us:


intombi group Startplatz

intombi group Mubuga

The intombi group Mubuga spreads over the parish Mubuga in the west of Rwanda. It is about 18 kilometers away from the Kivu Lake town of Kibuye. Like many regions in Rwanda, Mubuga is also heavily affected by poverty. Girls especially face great challenges: Some girls live in child families on their own, some are teenage mothers while others experienced violence and abuse.

Already around 430 girls from Mubuga are scholarship holders in our goat project. They get a female goat. In preparation for the “new roommate”, the girls participate in a workshop led by a local veterinarian. There, they learn everything essential for keeping and feeding the goats. In the further stage of the project, girls will always have a contact person for questions.

There are regular intombi volunteers and members in Mubuga. Meetings and evaluations of the goat project, but also blogger sessions and exchanges with the intombi-girls in Rwanda are always part of the program. In 2019, further Goat scholarships will be awarded to another 270 girls.

Have a look at the blog: Under “Rwanda“ you can find some articels from the girls of the intombi group Mubuga and our intombi-volunteers.
Here you can also award a Goat Scholarship:

intombi group Mubuga

Group activities


Our workshops are about spending time and having fun together. By exchanging ideas, the participants learn from each other and there are always exciting insights into other cultures and lifestyles of other girls. Here you can have a nice time and take away something with you!


The commitment of “girls for girls” is lived in our activities. Engagement with one another can be very different: claiming the rights of girls, collecting donations for girls’ projects, and spreading the idea of “girls for girls”. If you want to work for girls, here you are in the right place!

The Blog

To tell, share and reflect on one’s own life is possible through blogging. This includes: Writing your own blog posts, taking pictures or interviewing. You can participate according to your interests. Through your contribution you do something for yourself and for others!

Start your blogger group now!

Would you like to join forces with other girls and collaborate on our blog? Then contact us and start your own blogger group such as the Hürther “intombi gang“. Tell us about your idea here, then we will gladly assist you:

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