intombi groups: time for you!

intombi is about doing good for yourself and for others! True to the motto “girls for girls” through our groups in Germany, Rwanda and South Africa, girls receive help based on individual, co-developed projects. They get support for a successful start into the future. You can also join in!

intombi groups: time for you!

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intombi gang Hürth

The intombi group from Hürth is called “intombi gang”. It meets regularly for blogger sessions. This means that the group members do something nice together and work for other girls. They do all this with the help of the intombi-#girlsforgirls-blog.

The meetings always start with the “How are you doing round”, then it continues with the discussion of the last published blog articles and planning of future blog postings and matching photos. Frequently, topics are discussed that are important for the girls. For example, the issue of bullying, because many see it as a major problem in some schools. Sometimes events are also planned for other girls, such as the “DIY X-Mas Special”, which the group has organized twice.

The intombi group Hürth meets every four weeks on Fridays at 17:00 in the rectory in Hürth-Kendenich (Ortshofstraße 14, 50354 Hürth). The specific dates are agreed by the group. You want to join? Then feel free to contact us.

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intombi gang Hürth

Group activities


Our workshops are about spending time and having fun together. By exchanging ideas, the participants learn from each other and there are always exciting insights into other cultures and lifestyles of other girls. Here you can have a nice time and take away something with you!


The commitment of “girls for girls” is lived in our activities. Engagement with one another can be very different: claiming the rights of girls, collecting donations for girls’ projects, and spreading the idea of “girls for girls”. If you want to work for girls, here you are in the right place!

The Blog

To tell, share and reflect on one’s own life is possible through blogging. This includes: Writing your own blog posts, taking pictures or interviewing. You can participate according to your interests. Through your contribution you do something for yourself and for others!

Start your blogger group now!

Would you like to join forces with other girls and collaborate on our blog? Then contact us and start your own blogger group such as the Hürther “intombi gang“. Tell us about your idea here, then we will gladly assist you:

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