School stress! How you can strike an appropriate balance


Our #afterschoolstory is about stress and how we can stand up to it together.

School stress is familiar to everyone. You get a lot of homework and the next day you have to take a test or a written exam. We, Anna and Charlotte, know this all too well.

In addition, we know many other students who are stressed by the school and put themselves under enormous pressure. But why all this???

Many teachers have very high expectations and therefore assign a lot of homework to their students. According to the motto “The subject I teach is the most important”. In addition, there are long school days, which do not leave much free time. But many students also allow themselves to be put under pressure by family, friends or society in which a lot of attention is put on good performance these days. After all, you want to keep up with the others and not disappoint anyone.


But what really counts?

Actually, it is much more important what you think, whether you are satisfied with your grades and yourself. After all, YOU are the one who invests your own time and motivation in school. That’s why you shouldn’t let others put pressure on you. We also find ourselves to be lost in all the chaos.

This helps us: Just concentrate on yourself and take a break. The more relaxed you are, the better your concentration will be.

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Here we have 5 tips for you to cope with stressful situations:

  1. Set your own realistic goals! Doing so you will more often experience a sense of achievement and therefore you’ll be more motivated.
  2. No one is born a master! Everyone has to do something for school. However, you can make learning more enjoyable by learning together with friends and supporting each other. This is usually much joyful and then learning can actually be great fun.
  3. Allow yourself a time off when you are overwhelmed with work! Make yourself a nice, relaxed afternoon or go to bed earlier in the evening in order to be fit and refreshed the next day.
  4. Don’t let a not-so-good grade drag you down! Just because you once had a bad grade doesn’t mean you are a bad student. And if you have the feeling that everything is getting too much for you, talk to your parents or teachers.
  5. Organize yourself well and manage your homework properly! In that way, you don’t have to do everything at once and you can allow yourself to take a little break in between.

Joana explains you the meaning of stress and provides a very simple exercise.

Stress, stress, stress… Everywhere one hears stress and everyone seems to be in stress. I also often feel stressed and often say that I am under stress. No time for this or that, no time to just stand still and breathe deeply. Stress, stress, stress… Everywhere one hears stress and everyone seems to be in stress. I also often feel stressed and often say that I am under stress. No time for this or that, no time to just pause and breathe deeply.

What is stress actually?

Stress is a chemical reaction of the body in which, among other things, adrenaline is released. The body assesses this situation as a dangerous one and then decides whether to fight it or flee. Thus, stress is a primary instinct, which secured our human survival over thousands of years. In principle, stress is a meaningful protective function of our body and therefore something good. (Source: Federal Health Monitoring System)

What are the causes and what effects does stress have?

Today we are often in stressful situations in which our body sends alarm signals. These can be serious situations in which we actually see our lives or those of people close to us threatened, but also situations in everyday school life, at work, family problems, quarrels with friends or general pressure to perform.

In the long run these accumulated energies can lead to long-lasting physical complaints. Here are a few examples: Headache, neck pain, abdominal pain, constantly feeling tired, overwhelmed and exhausted, no desire and felt no power to do anything, etc…

Joana, 24 years from Krefeld


With this exercise you can create peace in your life


The exercise belongs to the methods of the Capacitar and is called “Switching”. Capacitar is a spanish word and means: to encourage, to empower, self-empowerment and to strengthen one’s life forces. With this exercise, both hemispheres of the brain are supposed to be better reconnected and linked with each other again resulting into a better inner balance and a reduction of stress.

  1. Sit upright but comfortable and breathe in and out deeply.
  2. Cross your ankles: left foot over right foot.
  3. Stretch out your arms in front of you, turn your thumbs towards the floor and cross your arms: your right arm over your left.
  4. Interlock your fingers and draw your hands to your chest so that they touch your sternum.
  5. Loosely place the tongue on the palate and so that the tip of your tongue slightly touches your tongue from behind the upper incisors.
  6. Breathe in and breathe out for a moment in complete relaxation and come to rest. You may so do with closed eyes if you want.
  7. Release everything exactly in the opposite direction slowly.

We hope that with our tips we could take some stress out of you.

What brings you out of your calm? What helps you in stressful situations?

Yours Anna and Charlotte


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