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The passion for sound and music – these are shared by the three young women in this #PassionWeek. Producing yourself, playing a musical instrument and enabling others to hear it all. With their passion they reach lots of people.

This #PassionWeek starts off with Lea in the first part. With the choice of her studies she hit the bull’s eye. She still has a lot in mind for her future dream as a composer! In the second part, Caro and Tabea reveal what a hearing aid and a viola have to do with this PassionWeek.


Building and visualizing beats – Lea studies audio engineering

“Music has always been one of my greatest passions and when my first clarinet teacher suggested that I should study music as a young student, it was clear that I wanted to become a musician. In fact, after I graduated from high school, I started some admission examinations at music colleges, but I quickly realized that the ongoing competition between musicians would spoil the fun of music for me. By chance I came across a flyer from the SAE Institute and was immediately impressed. I wasn’t familiar with the audio engineering course before, but when I drove home from the SAE Institute’s open house, I knew that I had been looking for just that course.”

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Audio engineering is my dream job

Lea (21 years old, from Cologne) studies audio engineering at the SAE Institute in Cologne. The SAE Institute is a private training institute that offers courses and training in the field of audiovisual media worldwide. “In the audio engineering course, a lot of work is done on mixing consoles. Recordings of musicians are recorded using their own microphone and later processed on the computer with special software. It is particularly important to deal with the musicians in a friendly and understanding manner. But creativity is also required, for example when composing or arranging songs.


And that is exactly what makes the audio industry and audio engineering so exciting for me: the opportunity to create music from my own creativity.


My future as a composer

After graduation, I would probably like to work in the automotive industry. As a sound designer, for example, I could design and develop the external sound of electronic cars. I am writing my bachelor thesis on this exact topic. But I’m also very interested in working as a composer for games and movies. It’s a lot of fun inventing melodies that match a scenery or setting, as I do for my current virtual reality project. In any case, it is clear that my future job should include work as a composer. Because it is overly fascinating what possibilities the theoretical knowledge from my studies offers to let my own creativity run free.”


Challenges and opportunities between all the men

The audio industry is still a domain with few women. From the outside, too, many see audio engineering as a male profession. Lea also had this experience and had to prove herself in her course in addition to just one other woman among 16 men. Even though she initially felt out of place, everyone gradually became comfortable with each other and the men also got used to being able to be on an equal footing with women in this profession.

“I see an advantage in being rare as a woman in the audio industry. Because only a few women work in this area, but our skills are at least equivalent. Fortunately, this is also increasingly seen by clients and could therefore be a decisive positive factor when looking for a job.


Lea’s #girlsforgirls tip

Use your female perspective! Many of my male colleagues appreciate my ideas and are sometimes surprised that there are also other procedures of solution.

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“As an audio technician, you’re sure to work with the really big artists !?”

By completing my studies, I am also a trained audio engineer. Although many doors are already open to me, I still have to prove myself through experience, performance and a good reputation in order to build a career in the industry. This also includes working with famous artists. Many of the musicians book the same studio again and again, almost as regular guests. But it will have taken a long time before an audio engineer has reached this point and can claim to have recorded and edited a celebrity’s music. During this time, unpaid work or music that is not part of your own favourite genre also often have to be done.”

So: It is definitely possible to work with celebrities, but the way to the top, as in many industries, can only be mastered with a lot of dedicated work and experience.


This photo gallery shows you an insight into the professional field of an audio engineer. Photo credits: SAE Institute


Do you want to know how the second part of PassionWeek continues? Then just click here! You can expect two more strong stories about the Passion Sound. Find out what a hearing aid and a viola have to do with this PassionWeek.


Could you imagine studying audio engineering like Lea? In which area would you then prefer to work?

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