When love stands in the way of your future


Who doesn’t know?

I am sure that the majority of girls have had stress, quarrels with friends or jealousy before. I know that too. Today, I would like to tell you how I deal with lovesickness.

Love sorrow, I’ve already hat it and I wasn’t feeling well. Fortunately, I had friends in my live who helped me. They tried to cheer me up and get me out of my depression.

. . .

You are not alone

My friends not only cheer me up, they also give me a lot of love. And most of the time it worked out and I was feeling better. I am so happy about that. It’s nice to see who’s here for me. I am not alone. My #girlsforgirls tip: Find a good friend and tell her everything.


We asked our intombi-girls about their experiences.


It’s not that simple, Katrin thinks

“I have to think because I have notices that I have noticed that I have two very different tips/opinions. First ‘do everything for love’ and then ‘your future comes first’.” Intombi-Katrin, 28 years old from Garmisch-Partenkirchen.


Christina is preoccupied with the emotions…

“Sometimes it’s okay to be sad. You can only overcome a difficult emotional phase if you deal with the emotion and then look forward again. At certain moments you have to set priorities and decide whether it makes sense to be guided by your emotions or to put yourself first and admit when people are no longer good for you.” intombi-Christina, 27 years old from Cologne.

Lovesorrow didn’t stop Irene from making an important decision

Irene has already decided against a relationship because her partner and she had different ideas about the future. She was heartbroken about it. “A partner has to support the goals of the other, otherwise you have no common future. Even if the pain is great, in such situation you have to go separate ways.” Intombi-Irene, 34 years old from Cologne

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What would you do if love stands in the way of your future? What are your tips against heartache?

Yours, Susu


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