It’s never too late for the first time – here’s how to do your tax declaration!

Taxes made easy. File your tax declaration from the comfort of your couch with Taxfix. Photo: Taxfix

Advertisement. Taxes are firmly anchored in your life: from the VAT on your morning shopping at the bakery, to the income tax that eats up a large part of your salary. The good thing is: You can get some of the money back. How do you do that? Find out in this article.

31 July is the tax deadline! This means that you should submit last year’s tax declaration to your tax office by this date. And that’s exactly what we want to support you with. Today we are introducing the tax app Taxfix, which Joana from the intombi editorial team has tested for you. You can even expect an exclusive discount code for your next tax declaration. In addition, tax expert Juliane reveals how she found her dream job thanks to her passion for numbers.

Tax declaration made easy - Taxfix
Tax declaration made easy – Taxfix

4 reasons for the TAXFIX tax app

Taxfix’ goal is to simplify complex tax systems and thus make tax declarations accessible to everyone. This is how it works:

1. Taxfix puts an end to incomprehensible tax language. You complete your tax declaration by answering an average of 70 questions tailored to you. Only questions that are actually necessary for you are asked.

2. After answering the questions, the amount of the tax refund is calculated immediately. This way you can see instantly what kind of refund you can expect. On average, you can expect a refund of 1,027 euros!

3. Once you are satisfied, your tax documents are created and transferred paperless to your local tax office. Taxfix uses the official ELSTER interface of the tax authorities for this.

4. Test it for free! Taxfix is free of charge until you submit your tax declaration. You can test it without risk. Up to a tax refund of 50 euros, filing your tax declaration with Taxfix is also free of charge if you are not obliged to file it. If you receive more or are obliged to file, filing your tax declaration with Taxfix will cost you 34.99 euros.

Don’t forget: 31 July is the tax deadline – so it’s not too late to get started with your tax declaration and your finances.

Exclusive Taxfix discount code for you – save 30% with intombi!

With the discount code taxfixlovesintombi you get a 30% discount when you submit your tax declaration via Taxfix! Simply enter it during the checkout process.

Interested? Then simply download the Taxfix app free of charge here, in the direct app download.

Joana from our girls’ editorial team tested the Taxfix for you

Joana tests the tax app Taxfix

My feedback and learnings?

  • • Great, for your start in the tax declaration business
  • • You are guided through the questions very easily and most of it is self-explanatory
  • • If you do have questions, info boxes or the tax expert team, who can be reached at any time, will help you
  • • It is best to prepare a few necessary documents beforehand that you will need to list your income and expenses (e.g. tuition fees, travel and parking costs, costs for excursions or medical treatment, etc.)
  • • Just test, without any risk, what would come out for you

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Tax expert rethought – Juliane has found her dream job


“I have a degree in finance – that may sound very formal at first and not like THE dream job par excellence. But for me it is. And I am always happy when I meet new female colleagues in this very male-dominated field. As women, we really have the chance to make a difference here!”

Juliane (31, from Berlin) has been a tax expert at the tax app Taxfix since 2018. Here, she is jointly responsible for the app’s tax logic. “With my work, I try to further simplify, expand and of course improve the product. The work is very different from what you actually do as a tax expert in a tax office,” she reveals.

Taxes made easy! With my passion I help others

“Tax and finance per se are not necessarily my passion. What really excites me about my work is solving a general problem. German tax law and all the bureaucracy behind it are so complicated and outdated that it’s almost impossible for ordinary people to understand what the tax office wants from you. With my knowledge, I can help people make the subject of taxes more pleasant – no matter what their background.

Helping people to help themselves – with Taxfix, dreams can come true

I am very happy to be part of this company. Because through Taxfix and the app, we are able to empower an incredible number of users every day to do their tax declaration all by themselves. And they can do it without tax knowledge and with little time effort, so they can spend more time with people or activities they love. In addition, a tax refund is now accessible to those who cannot afford an expensive tax accountant. With the help of Taxfix, many receive the tax refund they are entitled to at a moderate price and can use the money to fulfil their own dreams. That is a really good feeling.

Juliane’s tip for you: Take your finances into your own hands!

I would like to encourage all readers who are still struggling with the topics of taxes and finances to get into this subject area – the world of finance is not only made for men! So take the plunge! Personally, I’m not a money saver either, but as the saying goes, ‘every little bit helps’, every beginning is good and a step in the right direction. The sooner you start dealing with your finances, the more you’ll get out of it later.”

Taxfix tip for women: Get a grip on your finances with CTRL+F

As part of Taxfix Impact, CTRL+F wants to make everything about taxes and finances tangible in order to take financial freedom into your own hands. With the help of webinars, blog articles and background facts, they find answers to financial questions. Find out more here.

Photo: Juliana from Taxfix

Here you will also find tips and tricks to save your money and use it wisely.

Have you already done your tax declaration? What tips do you have for others? Or what questions do you still have? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

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