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Jana Highholder – Her foundation of faith

Photo: Jana Highholder


Jana (22, from Münster) is studying medicine and originally became known as a poetry slamer. Today she is very active and present in social media. She is a Christian woman with a passion and brings young people closer to her faith, among other things on her YouTube channel “Jana glaubt”. We asked her about her faith in our interview. She tells you how her faith carries her through life and what it teaches her about love.

My first great love? – My faith

“Faith for me is the foundation and framework of my whole life. It is from what I draw my values and by what I reflect myself and my environment. I could not imagine a life without my faith, because for me it answers the question of meaning, which I believe every human being asks him or herself. Faith gives meaning to my life – even more than hope, a deep deep confidence and is actually my first love.

Certainty that I am valuable and good enough

I believe the greatest opportunity that faith offers is a deep certainty about who you are and your worth. We generally live in a time and a society where people think that they have to earn and fight for their value. And that their self-worth is mostly based on what they do. Most people actually present themselves with what they do. Very few believe that they simply have value in their being and are valuable – that it is a human being and not a human doing!

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The danger of dependence

If one makes oneself dependent on what position one has or what one has achieved, then the value can break down precisely because that very thing fades away. I believe that the greatest invitation that faith gives me is to offer myself to arrive and to be exactly as I am. Because Jesus has already done everything for this in my faith and in my world view. He has loved us first. From that love, we can continue to love and walk this life. In a way that is confident about our own worth and identity. I do not have to go in search of it, ask for it, or doubt that I am valuable and loved.

The everyday challenges of faith

It is a fallacy to think that with faith in Jesus everything is easy peasy. That we will never be sick or suffer again, never have sorrow again, and that everything is somehow just bright. I don’t believe that! There are so many challenges.

There is so much chaos in the world, so much doubt and uncertainty that can bring you to your knees. There are so many other opinions present. Many that are also absolutely against what I believe, against my values. And many people can’t let these stand side by side in a tolerant way. I believe that true faith, and being steadfast in it, requires perseverance, persistence, and determination that must come from the inside. Because it is easier, perhaps, not to believe in a world that gives you so many reasons not to do so or not to hold on to it anymore.

On what do you base your hope?

In fact, I believe that there is no human being who believes nothing! We all believe in something. And everyone puts their hope in something and bases their life in something. Every person has some walls on which they reflect. You have beliefs within your heart and they don’t have to be related to a God at all. Beliefs can also simply be things that our environment has given us. Due to those we act, sometimes not even consciously, and create our identity. Therefore, there is no one who is completely detached from his or her environment, its influences and opinions. We are all influencing and we are all influenceable.

Jana Highholder. Believe
Photo: Jana Highholder

The question of why

Every person asks him or herself the question of purpose, what for, and why. And I also believe that all people answer it as well. Some answer it by skipping the question, others answer it by not looking at tomorrow at all. Every person has his or her own ideas about life and death. That is why I believe that the crucial question is what we believe in and what is our foundation. That the most important question is what we base ourselves on and where we put our hope. What we expect from our today and where we look in tomorow!

Jana’s dream for the future and her tip: Know who you are!

I wish that we are not a generation of girls or role models for girls who tell the coming generations that you have to be this way or that way, in any case you still have to become in order to have value. This is the biggest lie of our time!

I believe that God has already done everything. He looked at you, just as you are and created you just as He wanted you to be. Every single one of us! He has equipped you with talents and abilities, which he has put into you, simply as a gift. And he wishes from you, that you can look at yourself in the mirror as exactly this masterpiece! And that you with these gifts that you have received, go out into the world and enrich it with them – simply out of an abundance that we have all received!”

Thank you, dear Jana, for your honest interview!

Wusstest du, dass…?

… Christianity, with more than 2 billion followers, is the largest of the five world religions? By comparison, Islam has about 1.5 billion followers and Judaism just under 15 million. (Planet Wissen)

… the largest world religion originated from a small Jewish sect? Yes, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, i.e. thethe savior in Christianity, was a Jewish itinerant preacher. (Planet Wissen)

… there are at least 7 Christian churches in Antarctica? (Kirche U30)

… more people go to church on Sundays in China than in all of Europe put together? (Kirche U30)

More interesting facts can be found here at Facts about Christianity.

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What do you put your hope in? What or who might help you through difficult times? Tell us about it in the comments.

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