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Alexasearth – Her tips for more diversity & uniqueness on Instagram.

Photos: ALEXA GRASSMANN – @alexasearth


Of love, sexuality and acceptance

“Up to the point where I stand today, it was a long way and a learning process. Both in terms of my self-acceptance and in terms of getting to know myself and who I am, what my values are and what I want to fight for.”

Alexa (25, from Cologne) is now a successful influencer, podcaster and is currently studying psychology. She is a real power woman! She has created a beautiful world full of love and acceptance on her social media channels.

About therapy, studying, dancing and piercings.

Alexa has learned to love herself and wants to support her followers a bit on their paths to their own self-acceptance. To do this, she uses her reach to draw attention to taboo topics and works to normalise the issues behind them. In this way, she shows people who are struggling with self-doubt due to the taboo nature of their life realities and circumstances that they are great just the way they are!

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My goal: to break taboos and stand up for LGBTI* – rights, women’s rights and the destigmatisation of mental illness.

“I observe that one thing is missing on Instagram: true emotions, more showcasing of problems, even bad moments and feelings. But I also understand that it is not at all possible to pack a whole day of ups and downs into a few story clips. And I also see a change in the Instagram world and some great women starting to share exactly what you don’t see otherwise. Still, you have to be aware that a lot of issues are not shared and especially relationships cannot be judged by a few pieces of content that are shared.

On my account @alexasearth I therefore fight for LGBTI*- and women’s rights, the destigmatisation of mental illness, against shame, sexism and all taboos.

Alexa’s #girlsforgirls tip for you

I get messages every day from girls like me who doubt their sexuality, try things out, but don’t want to put a label on it. And to that I can say one thing: Feelings are not deceiving. I fall in love with the person, not a gender, and no longer hide or feel ashamed. If I could say one thing to you in a similar situation where you might be curious or doubtful, I want to tell you:

Celebrate your uniqueness. Fitting in is not everything. Not in school, not in university, not in your family – not in life. You don’t have to be sure, doubt is okay and you can be free on the spectrum without having to label yourself for others.”

Fun Fact about Alexa

I plank every day while brushing my teeth!

Thank you, dear Alexa, for the interview!

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