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As publishers we empower women

Photo: Saskia, Julia, Sarah and Verena from Komplett-Media publishing company

A good book can do so much… Whether on the beach, snuggled up in a blanket in the pelting rain, in a café or on the train. Books can seduce you to distant worlds, inspire and educate you, spread longing and give you hope. This week we introduce you to young women who are united by just that: a love of books! And with their publishing company, they make this love possible for others by creating books and making them accessible to all. And that with a large portion of female empowerment.

Publishing books is our passion – the Komplett-Media publishing company

“Of course, publishers have to sell books and make profits in order to pay staff and invest in new projects. We have to do that too. But the reason we make books is different. We breathe our topics. We believe that we can make a difference with our books. We only implement topics that we are really passionate about. And if we’re lucky, we can leave a little mark on society that way,” Julia (38 years old from Munich) tells us.

Julia has been running the Komplett-Media publishing company since 2016, together with her colleague Verena. In the last four years, they have changed it step by step according to their ideas. With their great team full of female power, the Munich-based non-fiction publisher tackles important topics with passion. “What sets us apart is that we are small but fine. Since we are independent, we can tackle difficult topics more easily,” Julia explains.

Komplett-Media publishing company. Books - empower women as a publisher.
Photo: Sarah from Komplett-Media publishing company

The goal: Taking on social responsibility

“Komplett-Media sees itself as a publishing company that not only publishes its topics, but also lives them. That’s why we try to take on social responsibility and protect the environment with our work. That is the goal for which we sit down at our desks every day. So what is important to us can be seen on the one hand in the content of our programmes and on the other hand in our commitment to the environment and society,” Sarah (27 years old, from Munich) from the publishing team reveals to us.

My books are in good hands with the women of Komplett-Media because they are visionary and on the pulse of the time. They know what moves women today and what women need today to flourish. They are incredibly fast, effective, unbureaucratic and uncomplicated. A great, sympathetic team!

Coco Berlin

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How does your book publishing company work?

“We celebrate women in all their facets. As a publishing company, we can contribute to making women strong in many ways. That is why we have launched the Female Empowerment segment to encourage women with our books to develop in all directions and realise their full potential. In this section, we bring together books by successful women who are role models and provide encouragement.

Our books also offer space to talk about supposedly taboo topics, such as female self-satisfaction. Short stories repeatedly ask whether women really have a choice or address structural injustice, such as the fact that contraception with all its physical consequences is still a women’s issue for most people,” Saskia (24 years old, from Munich), another team member, tells us.

We do not shrink-wrap books in plastic film, we print climate-neutrally with ClimatePartner, and we offset the CO2 generated by printing our books in a regional project for stable mixed mountain forests in the Allgäu region. This is our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We print on FSC or apple paper and are constantly working to make our production even greener. We support Fridays for Future with our company and take to the streets. We stand for tolerant coexistence and raise awareness about racism under the motto #everybodynexttogether with our author David Mayonga. For this we are one of the 15 finalists of the Paulaner Salvator Award. (Sarah from Komplett Media Verlag)

 Book Love & Komplett-Media Publishing Company
Book Love & Komplett-Media Publishing Company

Female Empowerment and New Work

Regardless of this, female empowerment also plays a big role in our publishing structure and our cooperation. At the same time, all the problems that come with being a woman can also have their place with us. For example: When a colleague has her period, she gets a cup of tea and chocolate. We also encourage each other to meet deadlines and celebrate successes. We do good work and as women we can be proud of that!

With our possibilities, we fight for equal rights and a differentiated debate. To enable more women to enter the publishing world, we support the newly founded &töchter publishing company in distributing their first programme through our preview.”

Did you know, that….?

… only 5.7 per cent of the 106 largest publishing companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are headed by women only, while two thirds are headed by an all-male team. With two women at the top, Komplett-Media is doing pioneering work here! What else must not be forgotten: women have only been allowed to vote in Germany for 100 years and the gender-specific wage differences are still grave. (Saskia from Komplett Media Publishing House)

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In the next article, Verena tells you about her #passionstory and how she became a publisher. In addition, Marit, author of ‘A hundred chances’, will give you exciting tips on how to become an author yourself and write your own book!

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Are you also a bookworm? What is your favourite book and what have you learned from it? Feel free to tell us in the comments.

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