Do changes scare you? Patti-Saoirse has experienced a lot of changes and that’s how she encourages us

Photo: Patti-Saoirse
Photo: Patti-Saoirse

Routines and habits make us feel secure while changes often don’t let us sleep at night. They scare us. In this year changes were quite frequently in a queue. Once you overcame the first change and adapt to it, the next came immediately. Patti-Saoirse experienced one of the biggest changes in her life that you can ever imagine. How did she cope with that and what helped her through it? She’ll tell you in this article.

You can end relationships with people – Patti-Saoirse wants to feel comfortable

The 24-year old is from Bergisch-Gladbach, works as a child care worker and inditifies as a trans woman. In her book ,,Mein Weg zu mir”, she tells us about her life and how you can overcome your fear to finally reach your goals.

My life as a trans-woman – Patti-Saoirse has finally arrived

,,I it is really sad that a lot of people experience frequent questioning about their gender-identity. In the end everyone should answer this question for themself. And for some people it doesn’t matter at all. It makes me really angry that being ,,different” isn’t fully accepted in the year 2020. Because you assume that every human is different and no one is the same!”

Why changes have a lasting effect on life? – Patti-Saoirse will tell you in the next video..

To break up with someone isn’t always easy!

,,In your life you should be the most important person. If you notice people in your life that stand in your way of fullfilling your dreams and make you feel uncomfortable about yourself, you should end the relationship with those. Of course this isn’t always easy. For me it also took a long time but in the end you can feel that your decision was right and only brings positive outcome.”

,,I’m the woman that I always wanted to be” – To fullfill your future dreams

,,Through my coming-out and also my surgeries my outter self changed a lot in a way that I always felt on the inside. I got more confident and learned to accept and like myself”, Patti-Saoirse tells proud. ,,Of course there are moments of self-doubt, but I learned to work through it. I’m proud of myself and the path I’ve chosen!’‘. And dear Patty, we think you can be more than proud of yourself. It’s lovely that you’re finally happy! Learn more about Patti-Saoirse and what she already wrote about gender justice and sexual identity.

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Photo: Patti-Saoirse

In the beginning changes often scare us, but step by step you can make the best out of it, thats how you can benefit from it. Don’t forget that you are the number one and you deserve the best.

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