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Do you ask yourself: Where did love go?

Pia is part of our intombi editorial department and she is a host of our Instagram series PassionParty

Once there was more!? More harmony, more understanding for each other, more happiness, more peace and more love in our world. Is that why you are feeling the song “Where is the love” by the Black Eyed Peas even more? Because everything became less? Right now, Pia and Viviana of our intombi editorial department see themselves completely in this song since it criticises society and it questions how we can live together in the future when missing love. What do you think? Is it even possible?

Covid, war and then, Bibi (a famous German Youtuber) breaks up with her husband. Maybe it sounds a little cynical however the world is kind of upside down. Whether small or great, how the world moves and how each of us is moved. Okay, celebrities have always been breaking up and there are also far more wars in the world than we even realise most of the time. And, yeah there is also monkey pox. So no issue, right?

A deficit of love has the following consequences

Because of the lockdown and etc., even more young people have begun to suffer from depression*. The war scares everyone, e.g. 70 per cent of 14- to 29-year-olds are afraid of the war reaching Germany. And, what Bibi does also definitely has an impact, hence alone on Youtube she has 5.91 Mio. followers. So everything is rather wild, do you not think so?

Source: *vgl. Kinder- und Jugendstudie, DAK-Gesundheit, 2022 ** vgl. Studie Jugend in Deutschland, Schnetzer & Hurrelmann, 2022

Now, we can bury our heads in sand ooooor we let it all out for once!? We want to advise you to choose the second option while bringing “Where is the love?” into the word together with you. Viviana marks the beginning with this video

Viviana interprets the text of “Where is the love” in English and German.

Was ist eigentlich die PassionParty?

The PassionParty presents songs which contain passion and emotion. Music motivates you to be active for yourself and for others. The latest PassionParty shows the favorite song of Pia “Where is the love” in different versions.

You can find the complete PassionParty in the Story Highlights on Instagram @intombiforgirls. Check it out, here you can find various versions of “Where is the love”.

The song “Where is the love” has more meaning after translation

Pia found “Where is the love” in a German version on Instagram and she finds this version to be her favorite. This is her explanation:

“The German version of this song is something unique and the message of the song comes across as very emotional”

Pia, 18 years old, Hürth

Which thoughts cross your mind when you listen to “Where is the love”?

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