Bra Revolution! Melanie Wagenfurt shows you the perfect bra with Brajuu

Melanie Wagenfort is the founder of Brajuu

She has a cheerful voice, a confident walk and a determined character. That’s how the heroine of our new video, Melanie, appeared to me. In 2019, she founded Brajuu, the online store for perfectly fitting underwear. An algorithm helps customers find the right underwear in only three minutes. After answering questions about their chest and favorite bra, customers are offered a selection of bra models of different fits and prices, which the algorithm chooses for each individual person.

No more cutting straps, a pinching underbust band or annoying changing in a small and noisy fitting room

It was important to Melanie and her team that every woman can feel comfortable in her body. The idea was not easy to implement in the beginning. Melanie needed investors to found her startup, who initially did not trust a young woman with a “feminine” idea. Melanie’s strong character and determination helped her convince investors and launch her dream company. Melanie talks about these and other challenges on the way to starting a business in our new video as part of “Girls for Girls TV“.

Feel free to watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments. We invite you to get to know this inspiring woman and the idea behind it. Have fun! 💕

Melanie zeigt dir deinen perfekten BH! (Video: Manor Lux)

From the very first bra, equal rights for all people, and menstrual products

Brajuu offers perfectly fitting underwear for every person who likes to wear bras. Because everyone is beautiful in their own way and deserves to feel invincible with a well-fitting bra. Take the FitQuiz and find out which bra is perfect for you and your body. You can also get more information, resources and interviews about bras and underwear in general at the Brajuu Online Magazine.

We talked to Melanie in the Instagram Live Talk about the beginnings of her business, passion, motivation and empowerment. Here you can pick up even more power and inspiration.

Quelle: Brajuu – also on Instagram

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How do you feel about bras? Do you know your size and do you feel comfortable in your underwear? Tell us in the comments!
Your intombi-Team💕

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