How to start to believe in yourself – 5 tips by Verena Bonath

Artist Verena Bonath

Plants, animals or faces. The Berlin artist literally paints everything at her job at the Art Night Events. But she especially paints vulvas. With her work she encourages women to believe in themselves and to be proud to be a woman. She reveals her 5 tips on how to combat changes.

The courage to change and the belief in yourself

1. Just do it! There is never a perfect timing.

2. To be scared of change is normal and is linked to our brain functions. Just trick your brain with a positive way of thinking. That’s when changes start making fun.

3. Start to make a plan. When you are conscious of your actions, structure and write everything down, you are much more clear of everything and it’s less scary.

4. Communicate with your friends and talk about the change. Support of your social surroundings can help to get rid of doubt.

5. Believe in yourself and never let yourself down because of external opinions! (Verena Bonath)

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Why changes have a lasting and positive effect on life – Verena Bonath will tell in the next video…

In the beginning changes look scary. But step by step you can manage to work through them and benefit at the same time. Don’t forget that you’re your number one and you only deserve the créme de la créme. Please write us in the comments below, how you deal with changes in your life.

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