Where is the origin of all doubts, Male Geers?

Male is wearing a light-blue a knitted top. Her hair is in a bun with flowers in it. Male looks dreamily in the sky.
Male Geers

Who are you and how comes that you think about yourself the way you do? Question yourself and get to know yourself. Male tells you how to do that in her article. Male Geers is a fun-loving young woman who shares her thoughts with her Instagram community on a daily basis. She wants to inspire people for sustainability and educate people about mental health.

Where does self-doubt come from?

With her Instagram account, blog and Podcast Male (22 years old, from Hamburg) has created a little oasis where she shares her thoughts and experiences about vegan nutrition, mental health and sustainability. The especially nice thing about it is that she stays in touch with herself at all times.

“If you are struggling with strong self-doubts, first try to find out where these are founded. When did you first feel this way ? What makes them become stronger? Try to change these things more and more. Try to get to know yourself through journaling, yoga, dancing, affirmations and reflection.“ Male Geers

What reminds Male Geers that her inner critical voice was completely wrong? She tells you in the video…

Was tun, wenn die Selbstzweifel wieder an die Tür klopfen?

Listen to yourself, what is your heart telling you? Self-doubt is usually accompanied by fear, but so many other feelings are part of it: joy, hope, excitement, inspiration. Take time and realise that the inner critic is not your best friend and you don’t always have to give her all your attention.

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