#girlsgetequal – Together against digital violence and for equal rights for girls worldwide

Photo: Plan International

“There is no real equality in any country in the world. Many girls in the world are still thwarted, underestimated and ignored. Instead of taking on leadership roles in business, politics and society, they fight against outdated role models, experience violence and hatred in social media. But every girl should be able to live self-determined and actively shape the world around her.” (Plan)

How this can be done and how we can stand up together for real equality? Pia from Plan International will tell you.

With Plan International against digital violence and for equality #FreeToBeOnline

“The results of our “Free to be online” report have made it clear to me: Digital violence is not an individual problem but affects many girls and young women around the world – and that is shocking! For this reason, we must speak out, recognise and name digital violence – no matter what form it takes – and hold the perpetrators accountable. This is the only way to make social media safer, freer and more equal for everyone – especially for girls and young women,” Pia (27, from Hamburg) tells us. She works for Plan International Deutschland e.V..

Photo: Pia from Plan International Germany

“Girls Get Equal” – A campaign for real equality

“As part of our global campaign for real equality “Girls Get Equal”, this year we are putting a special focus on our report on digital violence experienced by women and girls on social media: “Free to be online? – Experiences of girls and young women with digital violence”.

Plan International is an independent development cooperation and humanitarian aid organization. Girls and boys worldwide should have the same rights and opportunities and actively shape their future.

To achieve this, Plan International implements sustainable community development projects efficiently and transparently in its more than 75 partner countries and responds quickly to emergencies and disasters that threaten children’s lives.

Their global goal: 100 million girls to learn, lead, decide and develop their full potential.

Plan International surveyed over 14,000 girls and women from 22 countries, including 1,000 in Germany, about their experiences on social media. Here are the results:

Photo: Plan International

58 percent of the girls surveyed have experienced harassment on social media.
▸ The platform on which those affected are harassed the most worldwide is Facebook (39 percent), followed by Instagram (23 percent), YouTube and Snapchat (10 percent each), Twitter (9 percent), and Tik Tok (6 percent).
24 percent of the girls affected feel fear, which can be felt physically, as a result of insults, put-downs and threats.
42 percent have lower self-esteem or less self-confidence as a result, also 42 percent feel mentally or emotionally stressed.
50 percent of girls report experiencing harassment more often on social media than on the street.
13 percent of the girls affected say they use social media less, 13 percent no longer post, and 8 percent leave the platform.

You can find the whole report here.

This is why digital violence is a problem – especially for girls and women.

Digital violence not only affects their personal lives and restricts their freedom, it is also an expression of a lack of equality: Girls and women cannot exercise their right to move safely and freely on social media. Instead, they are muzzled and left alone with their experiences. This has to change!

intombi for girls – how you can be a part of it!

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What can we all do about digital violence on social media? Here’s how you can be a part of it too

In an open letter, Plan International is calling on social media companies to create effective and accessible reporting mechanisms specifically for gender-based digital violence, so that perpetrators can be held accountable. With your signature, you can play a part in making social media safer for girls and women.

In addition to your signature, you can also participate with a photo and your statement or a short story, like the girls from our girls’ editorial team. What do you want for girls worldwide? What would you like to draw attention to or what do you think needs to change for real equality?

Important: Please use the #GirlsGetEqual and #FreeToBeOnline and link the social media accounts of Plan International and intombi.

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