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How to deal with hate comments, online hate speech and body shaming on social media – 3 Instagram Do’s and Don’ts

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Hate comments, online hate speech, body shaming and so much more… Is that really necessary? DEFINITELY NOT! And we’re not the only ones who think so. Many influencers on Instagram stand up for more acceptance and mutual respect, use their reach to draw attention to important issues, make a change and spread love and appreciation. And you can do it too! Like a real influencer – easily, in fact – with these 3 important do’s and don’ts.

Who is a role model on Instagram?

In the last post, we introduced you to the lovely Alexa. She uses her account @alexasearth to advocate for more self-acceptance and celebrating everyone’s uniqueness. For this, she fights with her reach for more justice and against taboo topics. Celine (21, from Cologne), from our girls’ editorial team, took a critical look at Alexa’s profile:

“I think it’s great that Alexa breaks so many taboos. She talks about being queer, allowing feelings, psychotherapy, periods, stretch marks, sexual harassment, freedom, self-determination and more. On the other hand, like many Instagrammers, she exclusively shows an ideal image of her body, which most people can’t live up to and which can therefore make them very insecure.”

How do you see it? Who is a positive example on Instagram in your eyes? Tell us in the comments. But first, let’s get to the do’s and don’ts on Instagram.

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Together with Emily (19 years, from Leipzig), from our girls’ editorial team, we have compiled 3 Instagram Do’s and Don’ts. With this, you too can contribute to making the Instagram world a little brighter and glitterier, full of mutual appreciation and respect.

The 3 Do’s on Instagram

1. Spread love – leave your mark

Give positive support. Follow people you like or whose feed you find interesting. Like what you really like and write a nice comment about what is positive and what you like about it. Most of the time it makes the person happy to read something like that and feel seen and supported.

2. I tell you what I want – relationship position

Take a stand for what you care about. There are many influencers and profiles that deal with important issues. Support them and create change with them. Also use your own platform to draw attention to issues important to you and take a stand. And if you see someone being discriminated against and insulted – don’t shut your mouth! Stand up against it and stand up for the person. No matter if you know them personally or not.

3. Show your crazy side – you can be perfectly imperfect.

Share funny or imperfect pictures with your friends and make their day. Let show them that you don’t have to be perfect to be unique and valuable! And support those authentic posts where someone shows a weakness or tackles a difficult topic.

Instagram with value for young women
We too ask ourselves every day what content on Instagram provides value for girls and young women, and how we can play a part in it

The 3 Don’ts on Instagram

1. haters gonna hate? – Put an end to hate

Don’t write hate comments: to whom is it helpful? You can only vent your anger there and hurt people who are not responsible for your anger. If you want to criticize, then always start with something positive and formulate what you do not like in constructive criticism. So, you show that you still respect the person, but offer him other solutions for the circumstance with which you do not agree.

#girlsgetequal – Together against digital violence and for equal rights for girls worldwide.

Many girls around the world are still being thwarted, underestimated and ignored. Instead of taking on leadership roles in business, politics and society, they fight against outdated role models and experience violence and hate on social media. How can this work and how can we stand up together for real equality? Pia from Plan International tells you in this article.

Plan International surveyed over 14,000 girls and women from 22 countries, including 1,000 in Germany, about their experiences on social media and found out. The results are very clear.

2. No Perfect Body? – bye, bye body shaming

Too fat, too thin, too small too big? We need to stop judging each other and should instead think about how to support each other according to the Body Positive principle. Let’s support and celebrate each other’s uniqueness and individuality, because we are all beautiful! And exactly this diversity is normal – not that everyone is the same!

3. It’s not me! – Expose fake profiles

Yes, some people take pictures from Instagram and make their own fake accounts with them. They pretend to be someone else. With these profiles, they often spread inappropriate content or use it to spread hate. This is not acceptable. If you notice such an account – please report it directly to Instagram.

Photo: Celine from our intombi girls editorial team

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Have you got some more Do´s and Dont´s that we should know? Wrtite them in the comments!

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