Paula Essam gives you 3 helpful tips on how to believe in yourself.

Paula is wearing a white fur-coat over a blue top. She is standing between two shelfs in the supermarket and smiles at the camera.
Paula Essam

Self-doubt can be scary, but it can also be a driver of personal growth. You will grow personally if you dare to go for something despite your fears and doubts. Young founder and passionate actress Paula Essam explains how.

Overcoming by Doing – It’s important to just get started

Paula founded the sustainable and functional clothing start-up POCKETSY with her partner Dilara. They have developed a bra with an integrated pocket so that your smartphone or valuables are always with you. Super handy if you want to go out of the house without your bag or if your bag annoys you while dancing in the club. One of her most recent TV appearances was in the Netflix series How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). She told us what helps her against self-doubt.

These are my 3 tips against self-doubt

I think in general it’s always good to start simple and not let your own perfectionism and high standards hold you back. So, something overcoming by doing – moderate, because like this you do not have to overcome self-doubt immediately.

1st tip: Recognize self-doubt and when you manage something despite it, you can say to yourself: “Hey, that worked out. I can actually do this”.

2nd tip: Stop thinking that you are not enough and take the leap to start.

3rd tip: If you just start, you’ll find out that the doubts weren’t justified.

And if you keep doing that, in time you’ll also find out that you don’t need to have those doubts in the first place. And what also helps: always prepare yourself as best you can, then you won’t get “acute self-doubt at the crucial moments.” – Paula Essam

What reminds Paula Essam that her inner critical voice was completely wrong? She tells you in the video…

Was tun, wenn die Selbstzweifel wieder an die Tür klopfen?

Your critical voice is not your best friend? At best, you should recognize and accept it, but you don’t have to spend all your valuable time with it. So, if, like Paula, you find a way to deal with your self-doubt, you’ll notice that it also takes up less and less of your time. Have you had any experience with this yourself?

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