What kind of impact do self-doubts have to your skin? Lydia Zauberhaut has a response

Lydia is waering a green pullover while sitting in her bedroom. Sie looks at the camera.
Lydia Zauberhaut photographed by Jennifer Thomas

Self-doubts can parallelize and fear us, but they can also drive us to a self-determined life. A life that you hold in your own hands, that is less controlled by self-doubts because they are just allowed to play a very little role. Lydia Zauberhaut did like this; working as a skin and unconsciousness coach, she helps other women to feel good in one’s own skin.

Your skin is your mirror image

Are you suffering from acne or neurodermatitis? In that case, the 29-year-old Lydia Zauberhaut from Berlin could be the contact partner to choose. Via her Podcast and her Instagram Account, she gives courage to women to accept their skin, theirselves, and learn to love theirselves. To deal well with fears and self-doubts is so important because negative feelings could have a noticeable negative effect on the skin as well.

You are not your thoughts! That’s how you get more self-confidence

Sometimes the German language is quite precise – in the case of the German word for doubt, this is impressively true. The German word for doubt is “Zweifel”, the first syllable “Zwei” means “two”. And that’s quite to point the problem of doubts they drive us a part from ourselves, we feel ambivalent and not as one. So allow yourself to become one again, one with what you want, who you are and what you are able to do. In addition, I tell you something, you are not your thoughts! However, fears consist to 99% of illusions and do only appear in your mind! So decide yourself to step out of that illusion, decide yourself for the adventure of life. Therefore it’s ok to go through your fear. To bring yourself into the right mood: stand up, stand very upright, chin up, breast out, breathe deeply, start to smile and just because of that posture you will gain in a few minutes more self-confidence. After that start to face the first smaller fears and you will grow systematically for the bigger challenges. You can do it! Brave people are people who have fears but act. I believe in you.” (Lydia Zauberhaut)

What reminds Lydia Zauberhaut that her inner critical voice was completely wrong? She is telling it to you in the video…

Lydia Zauberhaut über Selbstzweifel und ihre Haut

Listen deeply to yourself, what tells your heart to you? Self-doubts are often accompanied by fears but there are so many more emotions coming with: joy, hope, excitement, inspiration. Take your time and make sure that your inner critical voice is not your BFF and this voice does not deserve all of your attention.

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