Times like these have a meaning, that is what Julija Murawskij is convinced

The blond Julia smiles at the camera
Julija Murawskij

Do you also believe that times like these have meaning? Even if everything seems difficult and grey right now, there is something positive hiding somewhere in all the chaos. Restrictions on contact over Christmas, people being sick and many other restrictions, are very difficult for many of us to endure. But maybe it is a chance to celebrate in this way the very meaning of Christmas and be grateful for what we have. Because everything happens for a reason, Julija Murawskij is firmly convinced of that.

Everything happens for a reason

Julija is a young social media expert (25 years old) from Cologne and works for Greator and is a pro when it comes to about personal development. You can read her 6 steps to start a career here. She believes that times like today have a purpose. Be inspired by her words, which can help you look to the future with optimism!

My favorite saying is and I live by it too, “Everything happens for a reason”. This helps me even in difficult times and to remember that everything in life has a purpose. Even if you only understand this meaning later, everything always develops positively in the end. Because in the end everything will be good, and if it’s not good yet, then it’s not the end.” Julija Murawskij

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Which event or situation from the past reminds Julija Murawskij to look forward to look positively into the future? She tells you in the video…

Glaubenssatz für mehr Optimusmus

Although the future is uncertain, we should not let that stop us from dreaming. Hope and dreams are our inner spirit, which we should consider as a valuable source of energy. We should look forward to the future and especially when the present may not look so bright. Do you find it easier or harder to dream of a beautiful future in challenging times?

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