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Maja Hieke studies sports journalism

Maja Maja is wearing dark blue sports clothes. She is standing between two spray-painted walls stretching
Maja Hieke

Maja Hieke (23 years old from Cologne) is known to some from the series Einstein Castle, where she played the role of Jule Hohenstein. But the passionate actress doesn’t spend all her time in front of the camera. She also does gymnastics on the high bar, throws goals and swims laps in the pool. Today she answers our three insider questions about her sports journalism studies at the German Sport University in Cologne and also shares her learning strategy.

As a sports journalist, you report on current sports events in various media such as the Internet, television, radio, newspapers or magazines. After graduation, you can work as a commentator, editor for reports and features, or in PR.

1. What criteria did you use to select your course of study?

It was very important to me that my studies have a large practical component. I can’t sit at a desk for long periods of time, so I always wanted to do something where I could move around. Sports had always been a passion of mine.

2. Where do you see yourself in seven years’ time following your studies?

I would like to work in television and as a presenter. Since I am already working as an actress in addition to my studies, I have already gained some camera experience. The most important thing for me is that the job fulfils me and is fun.

3. How would you describe your studies in five words?

Active, communicative, community-oriented, meaningful, simply mega!

Majas Girls-for-Girls-Life Hack:

Learn with pictures! I am not good at learning and always build memorizing bridges. A great trick is, for example, to mentally go through the way to the university and to link different places with individual learning notes. This way you can better remember the order and what you learned.

Maja is wearing a grey jacket over a light-coloured woollen jumper. She stands on a sunny meadow and looks into the camera
Maja Hieke

Now you have a brief insight into the life of a sports journalism student. Do you have any further questions about the studies? Then drop them in the comments!

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