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Media and cultural practice – Tatjana studies media studies

Tatjana has got brown hair and is sitting in front of a white wall. She is smiling in the camera
Tatjana Williams

You are creatively grounded and you would like to integrate that into your studies? Tatjana (23 years old, from Frankfurt) describes herself as very creative and communicative. She wanted to include these elements in her studies as well, that is why she is currently studying Master of Arts in the field of media and cultural practice in her third semester at the University of Marburg. This course is also known as media studies. In this article, you will discover which criteria Tatjana followed when choosing her course of study, where she sees herself in seven years and which life hacks she wants you to give you.

1. On basis of which criteria did you choose your course of study?

By studying media studies you can work in all kinds of fields concerning media and marketing. After your studies, you can work as a social media manager or as a marketing manager for example. Furthermore, you can also work in the domains of television, newspaper and radio or you can be responsible for entrepreneurial communication.

For one, I have decided to study for the Master’s degree hence it is the continuation of my Bachelor’s degree and that is why I can immerse my knowledge even further. However, I wanted to specialise even more in media and widen my knowledge. The advantages of my course are that I get a general and wide insight into the media field and that I can decide on a specialty by myself. Unfortunately, the course is very theoretical and contains only a few practical aspects. Therefore, I also work part-time in the media field as a working student to gain more practical experience.

2. Where do you see yourself in seven years because of your course of study?

Even though a lot goes through changes nowadays, qualifications of whichever kind (apprenticeship, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, etc.) are still important. Thanks to my course, I see myself in a higher-up position in a company in the field of social media. Where exactly life will take us is unknown however, I have more freedom to choose my workplace because of my Master’s degree. The most important thing is that you work in a field that is fun and also financially stable.

3. How would you describe your course of study in five words?

Challenging, theoretical, insightful, time-consuming, interesting.

Tatjana’s 2 girls-for-girls life hacks:

  • Create yourself some kind of list where you note down all to-dos and deadlines to always have an overview. Moreover, it is very fulfilling to tick off the tasks which are already done. 🙂
  • Try not to postpone your submissions, it always ends up stressing you out!

Tatjana wears a white shirt. She is wearing her hair in a ponytail.
Tatjana Williams

Now you have gained an insight into the life of a university student studying media studies. Do you have any further questions? Then write us in the comments below! Do you want to know more about Tatjana? Here she writes about how Instagram is on one hand inspiration, and on the other time-consumer and chance all at once.

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